Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit

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Price And Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Price: 98,000 INR/Unit

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit. It provides a HEPA filtered clean environment that is ideal for operations requiring a particle-free, bacteria-free, dust free environment. It offers an excellent work space for laboratory appliances, microscopes, sterile drug preparations or application requiring work-in-progress protection from outside potentially harmful contaminants. We manufacture this equipment under the firm guidance of expert supervisors using best quality materials. Easy to install and operate, this Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit has ergonomic design for versatile usage.

  • Maximum dimensional stability
  • Provides excellent work area for laboratories and other applications
  • High efficiency

  • Ampoules washing

  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Display : LED Display
  • Intensity of illumination : 300 Lux

The idea of Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit is to direct the particulates and different contaminations going into from clean room, wind current ought to be at a similar speed and same course is named as laminar wind stream. These cupboards are composed of at least one HEPA channels sans any holes or joints and therefore it keeps working of microscopic organisms from assortment in the working zone. In our Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit, the course of the stream which originates from above however changes and is handled agreeing the work in a level bearing. The consistent and enduring stream of air keeps material and item from defilement.

  • Flat laminar stream and broad use
  • Cleaning of condition
  • Satisfied with universal innovation
  • High residue holding limit
  • CE and ISO guaranteed

Use: The unit is intended for particular work and are customized to the particular necessities of labs, for conveying concoction procedures, therapeutic and pharmaceuticals industry and electronic and mechanical areas.

Directions to utilize: The unit should be composed to the working zone, so pollution can be secured any place vital.

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